About work method

Every job is tailored to someone's specific needs; so there is not really a standard method that I make use of. But some things are done quite regularly. For example, apart from some rare exceptions, I always take an intern, assistant, and-or a second photographer with me. This way I can really concentrate on my photography, which is quite pleasant!

I find it really fun and inspiring to participate in photo contests. They keep me sharp and creative! I always ask in advance whether or not I can use a certain picture for that purpose. And if I have a ´goofy´ picture with which I want to compete, then I always double check if I am really allowed to use it.

The best advertising is showing your own work. For that I use my blogs, in which I write about the things I photograph and in which I post the photographs themselves. Even when blogging a photo, I always ask permission from my customers and clients.

When making albums or books, it is often nice if a client selects a number of photo's that should definitively be used. We will carefully select the other photo's so that you get a nice design. I send the concept design by e-mail, and if you want you can still decide to replace a few photos. Only then will the book/album be ordered.

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