Jacqueline Dersjant

photo: Daphne van groeningen

Born in Zutphen, raised in Uitgeest, learned to stand on my own two feet in Heemskerk, and settled in the centre of Amsterdam with my husband Frank and later on with our two sons Fokke and Eise. Originally trained to be a jurist, but in 2001 I decided to follow my creative spirit and started a course at the FotoAcademie (photography academy) in Amsterdam. And I loved it!

After getting my diploma, I started photographing for advertising agencies and magazines. In 2006 I photographed my first wedding, after which I won a PANL (Photographers Association of the Netherlands ) award and an 'honorable mention' in the PX3 (Prix de la Photographie Paris). Looking back at 2006 I realized that photographing that wedding was one of the most fun things that I had done that year, so I started developing myself in that field. By now I have become a proud member of the Wedding Photojournalist Association (WPJA), I participate in the competitions of the Fearless Photographers, and I have founded Shootinq together with five others.

But there is more, much more! In recent years I have also worked as a permanent photographer for all the editions of two glossy's. The N.A.P. (THE city glossy of Amsterdam) that unfortunately had to give up the fight. Really a shame, because I got to visit some incredibly fun places, met wonderful people, and it was also a very nice magazine. But not long after the N.A.P. had passed away, I was asked to photograph for the QPQ. A (sustainable!) glossy about social and sustainable entrepreneuring, which I really enjoyed. And when I came across pictures I made for QPQ during the making of this website, I can still really enjoy the stories about all those interesting people with a great passion for social and sustainable entrepreneuring. Wonderful! Unfortunately, the QPQ is no longer being printed. The latest quarterly issue (#3, 2011) came out around the same that this website went online.

And around that same time, The Social Reporters was born. A very interesting group for which I have high expectations! Very briefly: it is a group of photographers, journalists, filmmakers, and an illustrator. In varying combinations we powerfully introduce events to the public by use of social media. For more info: check the website of The Social Reporters.
In short: I have a wonderful life and I'm never bored, not even for a second.


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