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Below is a list of some of my favorites. The overview starts off with organizations I'm a part of or people I work with and/or whom I owe a lot to. Or just some I like...
Below that are some companies I've encountered during my work that have really impressed me. Everything is in no particulair order! Actually, this page is always 'under construction', so if you think that I accidently left out one of my favorites, then please let me know.

People kusje

Manon van der Zwaal

Manon van der ZwaalManon van der Zwaal and I were practically joined at the hip while studying at the Academy of Photography. We laughed and cried together, spent long nights in the darkroom, and at the end of the study we were basically living together. We also graduated together. It was therefore a logical step to share an office after our graduation; at least, until we both became 'too big' and practically grew out of the space due to our new interns and assistants. So when Manon found a beautiful studio, we each went our separate ways. I miss her dearly, but luckily she still lives next to me, so I haven't lost her completely...?

Hermance van Dijk

Hermance van DijkHermance van Dijk has also studied at the Academy of Photography, so we have known each other for quite a while now. Hermance graduated with documentary-making / pop-photography as her area of expertise. During our studies we worked together occasionally, and that has never changed. I actually never work on my own and Hermance is my fixed second photographer. I don't know how she does it, but sometimes I get the feeling that I just have to look at her in order for her to understand what I mean. In her free time she plays guitar in her band Cheap Thrills.

Marleen Vos

Marleen VosMet Marleen Vos I worked together with Marleen Vos for the first time back when I was still working at the NAP, the glossy magazine about Amsterdam. We used to head out together: she took the interviews, and I took the pictures. Waternet, The Mother of South-East, special wedding locations, these are just a few examples of the topics that we explored. Travelling is her passion, and she writes and blogs about it with an inexhaustible supply of inspiration and energy. For the glossy magazine Oakland we travelled to Barcelona for an article about Gracia, which was not yet discovered by the general public at the time. For now, we can mainly expect some stories from South Africa where she will be writing about all the good (and not so good) things that happen there.?

Carine Damen

Carine DamenCarine Damen is a freelance journalist (HP, de Tijd, AD, Mind Magazine, Volkskrant Magazine), text writer, and (web) editor. I met her for the first time at a B&B dinner. She was pregnant at the time and really enjoyed listening to me talk about my wedding photography. She was already planning to get married and said that she would contact me in due course. Eventually, she married Peter long after the birth of her son, and she kept her promise and asked me to do the photography. A very special wedding (see my blog). We kept in touch and sometimes think about the projects that we want to undertake together.

Marlène Sips

Marlène SipsMarlène Sips (BomBon) is a graphical designer who really listens to all my wishes and afterwards seemingly effortlessly turns them into a beautiful design. I first came into contact with her through Bites & Business and I photographed her wedding with Erik. Occasionally she gets me involved in a job that requires a photographer, like one for Nuon.

Irene Kuipers

Kuipers tekstentrainingIrene Kuipers is a writing trainer, a writing coach, and a writer. As a writing coach she will first help you determine the goal and target audience of your text. Once that is clear, you can start writing (while making use of guidelines for content, structure, language, and tone). Meanwhile the text will be examined and adjusted where needed. By making use of this approach, your text will still remain 'your' text. She has helped me out many a time when I had to write something that would eventually be published. But the biggest success story I know of her is when a friend of mine just finished his pilot training at a moment in time in which no pilots were actually being hired. Irene helped him write his application letter. The first application letter that he sent worked brilliantly, and he was immediately invited for an interview, after which he got the job! He is someone with a lot of talent though, and he has been promoted to captain in a very short amount of time, but I'm very sure that he wouldn't have made his flying start without Irene's help (really, I've seen the first version of his application letter, that would have been a certain rejection...).

Family and Friends

PhtgrphrAnd for some ‘I Like’ isn’t really the right word. I Love. Frank, my fan, husband, friend, and a great chef. My little rascals Fokke and Eise whom I dearly love, am very proud of, and who make me very curious as to what they will become 'later' (I hope that they will at least be happy). My parents, without whom I could not have become who I am today. My 'little' brother Marc with whom I never spend enough time (what kind of person chooses to live in Emmen...). My cousins and their partners who I would really like to see more often but with whom I am still very happy. Denise, who is lovely at helping me with my work, Dagmara, Araceli, and all other family & friends (m/f) that truly make my life wonderful. Something that should really be said a lot more often!

Organisaties & Verenigingen algemeen kusje


1% club

1% club The 1% club is an international marketplace that will connect smart development projects (up to a maximum of €5.000) to people, money, and knowledge. The idea is that, if everyone invests 1% of his or her time, money, or knowledge into development projects, that we can get a lot of good things done in a short amount of time. They make use of the newest techniques that the internet has to offer. This doesn't only make applying for aid easier, but the control on the expenditure is also quicker and more effective. The projects are public and if someone is close to one while on holiday or on a business-trip, he or she can take a look and see how things are going. The 1% club organizes events including the 1% event and the 24-hour activity. Certainly worth it! Especially the 24-hour activity: apart from supporting a charity you can also haul in a few nice items: the auction is really amazing!


Arps & Co.

Link naar de website van Arps GalleryArps Gallery belongs to Ella Arps. In 2006 I attended a short workshop there called 'career advancement for photographers, visual artists, and media artists ' (which I would truly recommend) and Ella and I kept in touch. When I was getting close to the opening date of my very large solo exhibition in the headquarters of Sony Benelux late 2006, (while still not completely recovered from Pfeiffer's disease) I desperately called Ella. HELP! Soon I will have an opening and no-one will show up... I just didn't feel up to inviting or even thinking about inviting people. Within a week or two everything was arranged. I can now look back at a great opening and I'm not sure if I have ever thanked her enough! After the Sony exhibit the same exhibition was also set up in the Dikker & Thijs Fenice / the Prinsenkelder, about which - also thanks to Ella - a documentary has been made for A1, a television art channel from Amsterdam. Later I have also participated in the Affordable Art Fair with a group of artists, all guided by Ella. And in 2011 I was asked to participate in Over De Kunst (about the art).

Emma at Work

Emma at work Early on a Tuesday morning I was invited to a BNI networking breakfast where I met Marja Witteman. We had an interesting conversation about Emma at Work (EAW), a non-profit employment agency for young people with a chronic physical disability or illness. EAW mediates for these youngsters in order to get them a summer-, part time-, or full time job. Not long after that Marja called; a girl had signed up and she would love to work with a photographer. Whether or not I might have something to do for her now and then...at the start of 2010, after a trial period of a few months, Denise has become a permanent employee, and I have never regretted it! Both Femke and Esperance also joined the team for a while. I think that it is very special that a small entrepreneur like me can have a Wajong-workplace available for someone. Several organizations see Denise's job as a dream job, and sometimes we get a phone call about an article in a magazine or newspaper. Which is of course, always nice! Nieuwsbrief EAW, Algemeen Dagblad

YES (Youth Empowerment Suriname)

Link naar de site van Yes, een organisatie voor Surinaamse jongeren YES (Youth Empowerment Suriname) is the passion of Apana van Leeuwaarde (trainer/coach youth assistance). She gave up her luxurious life and her practice in Amsterdam in order to fully focus on giving Surinamese youth more opportunities to succeed in education and society. She can use all kinds of (financial) support to help her succeed. If you have a small fund somewhere that you wish to spend on a charity, then this one certainly has a nice goal! Also watch the (Dutch) youtube video of TV feature!

Theater Veder

Theater Veder I also photographed Theater Veder on behalf of QPQmagazine. Theater Veder makes performances for people who due to their age, disability, or their place in society have difficulty communicating. Anyone who has Alzheimer's disease or deals with it (whether at home or at work) should be entitled to Theater Veder. I wasn't the only one that got tears in the eyes from looking at all the beautiful things that happened there, and also the nurses were deeply moved. Goosebumps! While waiting for the actors to come on stage I sat in a room full of silent Alzheimer's patients, and if anything was said at all it was almost always grumbling. But during the show they enjoyed pleasant conversations, memories were recalled, and songs were sung together. One resident even remembered that she was very good at jump rope...

Organisaties & Verenigingen Huwelijk kusje


link naar website shootinq, 'mijn' journalistiek collectiefShootinq is one of my greatest passions. 4 befriended photojournalistic wedding photographers and I are joining forces. The idea is that you will hear a lot from us in the future!


Link naar de website van de Nederlandse TrouwBranche Organisatie, het informatiecentrum voor ondernemers uit de trouwbranche en bruidsparen. The wedding industry association in the Netherlands is the NTBO, the Nederlandse TrouwBranche Organisatie (the Dutch Wedding Industry Organization). The NTBO regularly organizes networking events for her members and other interested parties from the industry. In addition, the NTBO is the initiator of the Wedding Hallmark that can help upcoming brides and grooms in choosing the right companies for their wedding. If a photographer (or other supplier) does not have the hallmark, this does of course not mean that he or she is not a reliable photographer/supplier. However, if he does have the hallmark, you can be certain of it. This is because companies that receive the Wedding Hallmark are tested by an independent agency on their reliability and professionalism; and are above all innovative. They have the Dutch Wedding Industry Organization backing them up, who annually monitors this process. And by know you probably understand that I would not dwell on about this if I didn't have the hallmark myself.

Fearless Photographers

link naar de website van Fearless Photographers boorrdevol waanzinnige foto'sFearless Photographers is an initiative of Huy Nguyen, Olivia Vale, and many other photographers of the Foundation Workshop who have managed to gather up an amazing quality of photographers in a very short period of time. I say this proudly, because by now I have received a number of awards myself. But how small I feel amidst so much greatness. Watch and enjoy!


wpja_website I have been a member of the WPJA, the Wedding Photojournalist Association, sine 2008. At that time I was the only Dutch member. By now all other Shootinq-photographers have become members, and we are very proud of that. A part of the WPJA-site has even been translated into Dutch, but for the most interesting parts (also for brides and grooms!) you would be best off searching in the English part. ?

Huwelijksblogs etc. kusje


wedspiration_websiteWedspiration is the blogsite of professional master of ceremonies Jo-Anne van der Lelij. In her search for inspiration for her bridges and grooms she came across so many nice things that she decided to start a blog. Every now and then I'm a guest blogger on Wedspiration (at least that's the plan, and now my site is almost done I will have a lot more time to do so). Then I will blog about matters that deal with photojournalism and wedding photography.

Arnhems Meisje

Arnhems Meisje "Arnhems meisje" (girl from Arnhem) is a lovely blog about a different kind of marriage, free from all the standard rules and practices. It is an ideal site for modern brides. And for men...well, I get the feeling that you don't exactly belong to the target audience. This might also be because the initiator of Arnhems meisje is Assepoester Trouwjurken (Cinderella Wedding Dresses). The average groom will not shop there, I suppose. Also 'Het Roze Boekje' (the Pink Book) (link to ilike from the Pink Book) originates here. And don't tell anyone, but I've heard whispers that 'Arnhems meisje' is not actually a girl...

Het Roze Boekje

Het Roze Boekje"Het Roze Boekje" (The Pink Book) is a cool and completely ad-free collection of addresses that will help you to completely marry the way you want to get married. All the addresses that you will find in the Pink Book are fun, innovative, and anything but standard. Very inspiring! The Pink Book is an initiative of Cinderella Wedding Gowns, compiled by De Meiden van Assepoesten and Arnhems Meisje (The Girls of Cinderella and Girl from Arnhem).


WitWedding trouwmagazine"WitWedding" (white wedding) is THE trendy wedding magazine of the Netherlands, and online they also have the Pink Pages, the Yellow Pages for soon-to be gay/lesbian newlyweds. WitWedding is the organizer of Catwalk and Trouwfabriek (Marriage factory), an annual spectacle: "Awesome wedding dresses, wedding photographers that are not stuck up, great wedding shoes, the most colourful wedding cakes, and a lot more. The most amazing companies from the wedding business meet here to show off their work and inspire you." For the Fall 2011 issue of the magazine I made a fashion shoot.

The Perfect Wedding

The Perfect Wedding Organizing a wedding is one hell of a job! The perfect wedding would love to help you when you get married and has an online wedding magazine just for this purpose. A commercial website, but packed with information!







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