“Being a journalist I have met many photographers over the years, but nobody has left an impression like Jacqueline has. She has a sharp eye and a sensitivity for people that allows her to capture them in a unique and beautiful way. What appeals to me the most is the spontaneous and realness of her work.” - Frénk van der Linden - interviewer/writer/journalist

“What awesome, fantastic super pictures. I have looked through them and they are real...there are no words to describe them. I laughed out loud and even had to cry a little. Well, if pictures can do that to you, who needs more praise than that.” - Dominique & Kor

“We are totally speechless...what gorgeous photos. We relived the entire day looking through the pictures. This is the reason why we hired Jacqueline to capture our wedding. One by one brilliant photos that by themselves tell the story of the day. Moments captured for us to always enjoy and treasure.” - Marije & Steven

“For more than a week we are proudly showing off our wedding album. We are so happy with it and the feedback we receive from everybody is super positive. Thank you for your sympathetic commitment. We will highly recommend you to everyone.” - Maaike & Ricard

“A picture is worth a thousand words, but in your case at least ten thousand! Many thanks for your great effort and commitment.” - Robert Berger - Director of Photography Camlight Productions

“We fell in love with Jacqueline’s work because of the pure and real emotion that she captures. Our wedding pictures give an honest impression, reflecting our feelings on our special day. Even those moments that we weren’t even aware of until we saw the photos. Both the surrounding and our guests have been captured in an original way. Jacqueline has her own unique distinctive style. She is an awesome person and we highly recommend her!” - Caroline & Paul

“Jacqueline has captured our wedding in a fantastic way. The photos reflect the mood of the day perfectly and shine one by one. Spontaneous, natural, and everybody looks gorgeous. And not incidentally Jacqueline is a very pleasant person and works in an unobtrusive way. We have been married five years now and only have to look at the photos to relive that magical day.” - Clara & Martijn

“We are touched, very proud and incredibly happy with the fantastic impression you made of our wedding day. We have been around the block when it comes to good photography but how you captured this day in your own unique, creative and intense style is absolutely mind-blowing.” - Anita & Jeroen

“Relaxed, subtle, natural and full of passion. That’s how we experienced Jacqueline's photography. It was an honor to have her shoot our special wedding weekend, which was truly incredible. We discussed our wishes in advance and Jacqueline captured every single moment just like it was, without obliged portraits. Working with a second shooter enabled photography from different perspectives. We love that all photos are taken in an unobtrusive way and discovering afterwards how many amazing photos have been taken. Her timing is perfect, tears being wiped away and other emotions have been captured perfectly. Furthermore there were many great shots from the party till the end. The next morning Jacqueline stood in the sea up to her waist to photograph our departure with our boat. So passionate! We really enjoy looking back in our wedding album. Friends and family are crazy about the quality of the photos, which they could download via a free link. We are really grateful and highly recommend Jacqueline as a wedding photographer.” - Agnes & Paul

“Congratulations!! And who was your photographer? I really like the photos on your blog - they're artistic, with neat angles and points of view!" -  Jon, Washington DC

“The photos sing with sublime pleasure!" - Carlos, New York City

“We have gotten wonderful reactions from our friends/family on the group of photos which I posted on our website. Comments about the angles, colors, tone etc… They really are so special, thank you so much again!” - Alesa & Joppe

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