Fearless Award with Chinese wedding

I'm so happy with the Fearless Award I just won with this photo. One photo-/videographer more doesn't seem to count for much in China. It was a strange but wonderful experience, a great wedding (the bride is a daughter of Vivian) and a professional & fun team I got to work with. Thank you Vera Ho and Oscar Lok! And of course Hermance van Dijk, a great friend and assitant. I'll miss you next month in Beijing!
Blogposts about this wedding and another wedding in Shanghai will follow.

- from the Editors of Fearless Photographers
No one can escape the paparazzi these days! From cell phones to DSLRs, everyone came equipped to document the event. The bride and groom seem to be the only ones going analog. It's a funny—and not atypical—depiction of a modern wedding in the 21st century.